The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1)

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He was a reporter for The Miami Herald from , and then a reporter for the St.

Paul Pioneer-Press from ; in , he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Pulitzer in for a series of stories about a midwestern farm crisis. From to the present he has written thriller novels. He's also the author of two non-fiction books, one on plastic surgery and one on art. He is the principal financial backer of a major archeological project in the Jordan Valley of Israel, with a website at www.

He both hunts and fishes. He has two children, Roswell and Emily, and two grandsons, Benjamin and Daniel. His wife, Susan, died of metastasized breast cancer in May, , and is greatly missed. Help Centre.

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Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. In recent years as a senior officer of the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension , he has been able to call on the services of several specialized research professionals. Beyond these things, he is lucky, a characteristic mentioned in more than one book. He is not above skirting the law and accepted procedures to move a case forward. He even uses news media contacts to leak secrets to freak out criminal suspects or motivate laggard senior officialdom.

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Unforeseen civilian deaths sometimes result from these schemes. Davenport is a police celebrity, having shot and killed many suspects in the line of duty. Quite apart from those deaths caused in spontaneous gunfights, Davenport has been suspected—appropriately—of engineering some outcomes so that the death of a miscreant is virtually certain.

Unusually for a police officer, he has more than once been a target of assassination attempts by criminals; his numerous contacts in the media consider him a good interview, but editors persistently criticize his violence. Davenport feels no hesitation about killing defenseless criminals who present no threat to him.

John Sandford: The Kidd Novels by John Sandford (ebook)

In the first Davenport novel, Rules of Prey , he makes a mechanical device to create the illusion that he is in a gunfight when he kills Louis Vullion, aka "the Maddog," the criminal in that matter. He does not want Vullion to die painlessly. That was his sixth police killing. The total today is While Davenport is thought of as lucky, it's a remarkable thing that any criminal who wishes him harm can find his home and attack it, even though he does not have a public phone listing.

He started and later sold his own software company, Davenport Simulations, which first created personal computer games for private users, and later, emergency simulations for training police and other emergency workers. He dresses fashionably, favors European-cut clothing, and drives his personal Porsche and Nissan truck or van while on duty. Early on, he was depicted as a womanizer, fathering a daughter, Sarah, out of wedlock from a running affair with blonde television news reporter Jennifer Carey. Sarah lives with her mother and a stepfather, and Davenport visits her frequently. As the series progresses, Davenport settles down with and eventually marries the highly paid maxillofacial surgeon Weather Karkinnen, who in Winter Prey saved his life by performing an emergency tracheotomy with what Lucas called a " jackknife.

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Karkinnen is advanced in pregnancy with a daughter. Lucas and Weather formally adopt Letty in , close to the time of the Republican nominating convention in that year, an event that prompts a detailed Davenport investigation, and Letty then changes her name to Letty Davenport.

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Before that, however, Davenport had numerous sexual encounters with suspects, victims, and fellow officers, including Detective Sergeant Marcy Sherrill, a subordinate, and Lily Rothenburg, a detective lieutenant of the New York Police Department. By Buried Prey , Sherrill has succeeded Davenport as chief of detectives in Minneapolis, and Davenport is close to his 50th birthday. At the end of Wicked Prey , he and Weather adopt Letty, now 14 and an aspiring television reporter mentored by Jennifer Carey—Davenport's old lover, and mother of Sarah.

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Lucas's other weapons include a Browning Citori over-and-under 20 gauge shotgun , a. As of Certain Prey onward, his usual sidearm is a customized.

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In Buried Prey , the cache contains at least the rake along with a ring of bump keys, a small crowbar, a pair of white cotton garden gloves and a LED headlamp. By Storm Prey , he has acquired, and uses, a detachable magazine Beretta shotgun of unstated model, probably an M3P. In Stolen Prey , Lucas uses a 9mm Beretta 92F as his main sidearm, presumably because he had a cast on his left arm that would present an issue if he needed to insert a shell into the chamber of his customized. He switches back to his customized.

He also possesses, but doesn't use, a. He doesn't normally carry a secondary or backup firearm or the usual Marshals Service telescopic baton. Letty has two known weapons, both.

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The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1) The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1)
The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1) The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1)
The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1) The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1)
The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1) The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1)
The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1) The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1)
The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1) The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1)
The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1) The Fools Run (Kidd, Book 1)

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