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Check your spelling or use different terms for better results. Recently visited articles. Live life in quarters.

Specifically, I do the following: Quarter 1: Set goals and start strong. Quarter 2: Work on completing short and seasonal projects.

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Quarter 3: Roll out seasonal projects, then focus on completing the bigger projects. Quarter 4: Wrap up and roll out major projects. Organize yourself so that you can feed each of your passions. Get into game mode. For example, take studying for class. Take reps out of the gym and apply them to your working goals. Recover through meditation and timeouts. Fuel your creative beast.

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Be sure to give each discipline the time it deserves. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Subscribe to your regular digest of GamePlan A content.

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Please take note of the commenting guidelines. We at Rugby Tackling Life RTL recognise that there are many ways to empower young girls and women and we have chosen Rugby as our platform to reach out to this population in Uganda. It is a Ugandan organisation for Ugandans because we believe that a change in society only comes from within. Rugby is only one facet of RTL — we run Life Skills Education programmes that are integrated into our rugby programmes because we have found that the values that rugby teaches can be carried on into the daily lives of our players.

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This is to address key issues such as adopting safer health behaviours, staying in school, relationships, teenage pregnancy, STIs etc. RTL also addresses the often unrealistic expectations placed on male teenagers and their interactions with their peers — both male and female.

Including boys and young men in the Life Skills Education programme ensures that both the female and male stakeholders work side by side to reduce the vulnerabilities and risks that teenagers in Uganda face. Emilly Lekuru is 19 years old and the best female rugby player in Uganda. She was born and raised in Jinja and prior to , she had never travelled to the capital city Kampala. Through rugby Emilly was able to travel to Kampala and out of Uganda for rugby tournaments.

After her return Emilly will be working with us at RTL, pursuing her rugby career, as well as starting her university education at Makerere University.

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Flavia Agenorwot is a year-old rugby player from Kitgum who was supported by RTL and our network to complete her O level education and is currently being supported to do a tailoring course. Like Emilly, prior to , Flavia had never travelled to Kampala. Email Subscriptions.

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Buy Book. This daily companion taps into Chassidic wisdom to help tackle life's tasks in a meaningful way. The Chassidic insights of the book is a bridge that will connect the reader's daily tasks with spirituality. Sichos in English has published hundreds of volumes on Chassidism and its way of life. Visit Site. Books by the Rebbe. Chassidic Discourses. Adaptations Daily Wisdom. Short Insights.

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Positivity Bias. Toward A Meaningful Life.

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The Divine and the Human in Torah.

Tackling Life Tackling Life
Tackling Life Tackling Life
Tackling Life Tackling Life
Tackling Life Tackling Life
Tackling Life Tackling Life
Tackling Life Tackling Life
Tackling Life Tackling Life
Tackling Life Tackling Life

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