Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors

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Stephan Henzler. Amir Zjajo. Mohamed Atef. Jan A. Bernhard Wicht. Bernd Hoefflinger. Xingcun Colin Tong. Dirk Spreemann. Souvik Mahapatra. Dominic Maurath.

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Kiyoo Itoh. Athanasios Dimoulas. Friedel Gerfers. Wilhelmus Jacobus Witteman. Martin Clara. Thorsten Hehn. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Polycrystalline SiGe has emerged as a promising MEMS Microelectromechanical Systems structural material since it provides the desired mechanical properties at lower temperatures compared to poly-Si, allowing the direct post-processing on top of CMOS.

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Imec demonstrates CMOS integrated poly-SiGe piezoresistive pressure sensor

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Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors
Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors
Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors
Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors
Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors Poly-SiGe for MEMS-above-CMOS Sensors

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