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However, it is important to validate the model again once the case study the airport is changed. Designed to provide guidance in selecting appropriate software for library automation, information storage and retrieval, or management of bibliographic databases, this inventory describes computer software packages. The information was obtained through a questionnaire survey of software suppliers and developers who were asked to describe…. Numerous studies show that climatic extremes have increased substantially in the second half of the 20th century.

For this reason, analysis of extremes under a nonstationary assumption has received a great deal of attention. This paper presents a software package developed for estimation of return levels, return periods, and risks of climatic extremes in a changing climate. This MATLAB software package offers tools for analysis of climate extremes under both stationary and non-stationary assumptions.

NEVA also offers the confidence interval and uncertainty bounds of estimated return levels based on the sampled parameters. NEVA integrates extreme value design concepts, data analysis tools, optimization and visualization, explicitly designed to facilitate analysis extremes in geosciences. The generalized input and output files of this software package make it attractive for users from across different fields.

LoCal: A Language for Programs Operating on Serialized Data

Both stationary and nonstationary components of the package are validated for a number of case studies using empirical return levels. The results show that NEVA reliably describes extremes and their return levels. Software Review.

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Advantages and disadvantages of this type of laboratory approach are discussed. Microcomputer Software Packages --Choose with Caution. Briefly discusses types of software available for library and media center operations and library instruction, suggests three sources of software reviews, and describes almost 50 specific application programs available for bibliographic management, cataloging, circulation, inventory and purchasing, readability, and teaching library skills in…. Utilizes Bloom's Taxonomy to identify elements of teacher and student interest. Depicts the way in which these interests are developed into characteristics for use in analytically evaluating software.

Illustrates the use of this evaluating technique by appraising the much used software package "Running the British Economy.

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Mondrian is state-of-the-art statistical data visualization software featuring modern interactive visualization techniques for a wide range of data types. This article reviews the capabilities, functionality, and interactive properties of this software package. Key features of Mondrian are illustrated with data from the Programme for International…. Graphics Software Packages as Instructional Tools. Graphics software can assist hearing-impaired students in visualizing and comparing ideas and can also demonstrate spatial relations and encourage creativity.

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Teachers and students can create and present data, diagrams, drawings, or charts quickly and accurately. To facilitate a more widespread use of volumetric tumor segmentation in clinical studies, there is an urgent need for reliable, user-friendly segmentation software. The aim of this study was therefore to compare three different software packages for semi-automatic brain tumor segmentation of glioblastoma; namely BrainVoyagerTM QX, ITK-Snap and 3D Slicer, and to make data available for future reference. Pre-operative, contrast enhanced T1-weighted 1. MRI scans were segmented twice in each software package by two investigators.

Time expenditure of segmentations was measured using a stopwatch. Eighteen tumors were included in the analyses. Inter-rater agreement was highest for BrainVoyager with difference of means of 0. Our main findings were that there is a high agreement within and between the software packages in terms of small intra-rater, inter-rater and between- software differences of means and high Dice's similarity coefficients.

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Time expenditure was highest for BrainVoyager, but all software packages were relatively time-consuming, which may limit usability in an everyday clinical setting. The software controls three hardware subsystems including 1 a Kodak Megaplus 1. It is capable of processing five PIV or HPIV displacement vectors per second, and is completely automated with the exception of user input to a configuration file prior to analysis execution for update of various system parameters.

The second part provides examples of use with JWST, including wavefront sensitivities and alignment simulations. Using the technology, DigitalGlobe produces satellite imagery with highly precise latitude and longitude coordinates and then supplies it for uses within defense and intelligence, civil agencies, mapping and analysis, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, infrastructure management, Internet portals, and navigation technology. The power grid is increasing in complexity due to the deployment of smart grid technologies. Such technologies vastly increase the size and complexity of power grid systems for simulation and modeling.

This increasing complexity necessitates not only the use of high-performance-computing HPC techniques, but a smooth, well-integrated interplay between HPC applications. This paper presents a new integrated software package that integrates HPC applications and a web-based visualization tool based on a middleware framework. This framework can support the data communication between different applications. Test results validate the effectiveness and usability of the integrated software package. We introduce a new open source free software package that provides a simple, highly interactive interface for carrying out certain mathematical tasks that are commonly encountered in physics.

These tasks include plotting and animating functions, solving systems of coupled algebraic equations, and basic calculus differentiating and integrating…. The calibration is based on the power spectrum of the Brownian motion of a dielectric bead trapped in the tweezers. Precision is achieved by accounting for a number of factors that affect this power spectrum, as described in vs.

Flyvbjerg, Matlab program for precision calibration of optical tweezers, Comput. The graphical user interface allows the user to include or leave out each of these factors. Several "health tests" are applied to the experimental data during calibration, and test results are displayed graphically. Thus, the user can easily see whether the data comply with the theory used for their interpretation. Final calibration results are given with statistical errors and covariance matrix.

Flyvbjerg, Comput. Comparison of requirements and capabilities of major multipurpose software packages. The aim of this chapter is to introduce the reader to commonly used software packages and illustrate their input requirements, analysis options, strengths, and limitations. We focus on packages that perform more than one function and include a program for quality control, linkage, and association analyses. Additional inclusion criteria were 1 programs that are free to academic users and 2 currently supported, maintained, and developed.

Using those criteria, we chose to review three programs: Statistical Analysis for Genetic Epidemiology S. We will describe the required input format and analysis options. We will not go into detail about every possible program in the packages , but we will give an overview of the packages requirements and capabilities.

Four years ago, the authors started to develop a self-paced mathematics learning software called NPMaths by using an authoring package called Tencore. However, NPMaths had some weak points. A development team was hence formed to develop similar software called Mathematics On Line. This time the team used another development language called…. Provides capability to transform image data with block transforms and to produce spatial-frequency subbands of transformed data.

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Functions cascaded to provide further decomposition into more subbands. Also used in image-data-compression systems. For example, transforms used to prepare data for lossy compression. MATT 3.

Download Macmath 9.0 A Dynamical Systems Software Package For The Macintosh Tm

Each utility performs a single simple task such as presentation of file contents, extraction of specific rows or columns, appending or merging tables, binning values in a column or selecting subsets of rows based on a boolean expression. Individual utilities can easily be chained together in scripts to achieve more complex operations such as the generation and displaying of spectra or light curves.

The user interface is controlled by standard IRAF parameter files. The package is self documenting through the IRAF help facility and a stand alone help task. Pennwell's Petroleum Software Directory is a complete listing of software created specifically for the petroleum industry. Details are provided on over mini, micro and mainframe computer software packages from more than different companies.

An accountant can locate programs to automate bookkeeping functions in large oil and gas production firms. A pipeline engineer will find programs designed to calculate line flow and wellbore pressure drop. Variations in algorithm implementation among quantitative texture analysis software packages.

Foy, Joseph J. Open-source texture analysis software allows for the advancement of radiomics research. Variations in texture features, however, result from discrepancies in algorithm implementation. Anatomically matched regions of interest ROIs that captured normal breast parenchyma were placed in the magnetic resonance images MRI of 20 patients at two time points. Six first-order features and six gray-level co-occurrence matrix GLCM features were calculated for each ROI using four texture analysis packages. Features were extracted using package -specific default GLCM parameters and using GLCM parameters modified to yield the greatest consistency among packages.

Relative change in the value of each feature between time points was calculated for each ROI. Distributions of relative feature value differences were compared across packages. Absolute agreement among feature values was quantified by the intra-class correlation coefficient. Among first-order features, significant differences were found for max, range, and mean, and only kurtosis showed poor agreement.

All six second-order features showed significant differences using package -specific default GLCM parameters, and five second-order features showed poor agreement; with modified GLCM parameters, no significant differences among second-order features were found, and all second-order features showed poor agreement. While relative texture change discrepancies existed across packages , these differences were not significant when consistent parameters were used.

MOPEX: a software package for astronomical image processing and visualization. The main image processing capabilities include creating mosaic images, image registration, background matching, point source extraction, as well as a number of minor image processing tasks. The combination of the image processing and display capabilities allows for much more intuitive and efficient way of performing image processing.

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  7. The GUI allows for the control over the image processing and display to be closely intertwined.

    MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM
    MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM
    MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM
    MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM
    MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM MacMath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh TM

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