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But I still like these anyway funny colors and all on some of these. I never finished these by putting their ribbons on them I should do that now. If you are interested in starting a quick and simple pattern this is for you. You can use the perle cotton it suggests or knit cro sheen.

Followed by a class on how to make a scarf using yo-yo crochet. If you want to take the class it is 2 hours long and is for two weeks. Book signing is on Sept.

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The class will follow the signing on the 29th from pm and the second half is October 6 from pm. Thank you all who have played. We had to draw this twice as the first winner had not left a way for me to contact her. I have been in awe of the yo-yos but afraid to try. Maybe this would help! See the new September issue of crochet magazine I have a choker and bracelet featured in it.

Nine projects in new crochet pattern book from Annie's Attic

I might have another item in it but I have yet to see a hard copy. For those who are new to my blog this is where the pattern is for the crochet piece featured in my blog banner. Previous Older Entries. If you've been perusing crochet boards on Pinterest and had a jonesing to start the craft, you've come to the right place. Even if you've never held a hook before or don't know a slip knot from a single crochet, use this guide to pick up basic techniques and tips.

By the time you're done, you'll be ready to crochet in rows, which is all you need to make a scarf or even a simple blanket. There's a whole world of yarns and hooks out there, but some are better for beginners. The main goal is that you find the materials to be easy to work with.

Crocheted Yo-Yo Pillow (FREE pattern!) and giveaway - Sugar Bee Crafts

So when you're starting out:. Everything you crochet begins with a slip knot on the hook , but fortunately, it's a pretty simple knot to make. The tail should be 4 to 6 inches long after it crosses the body of the yarn. Make the knot. Create a pretzel shape see above with the loop. Press your left finger where the yarn tail crosses the working yarn. In reality, just flipping the loop upside down. Insert the crochet hook from the right to the left over the working yarn and through the loop.

It should go over the right side of the "pretzel," under the working yarn, then over the left side of the "pretzel. Pull down to tighten the yarn around the hook. You just made your first slip knot way to go! Once you have a slip knot on the hook, you'll need to crochet a chain.

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This chain is often called the starting or foundation chain because you work the other stitches into it. Hold the crochet hook so that the tail hangs down, and pinch the tail between your thumb and ring finger. Just remember, crocheters hold their hooks and yarn in different ways, so find whatever is comfy for you.

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Bring the ball of yarn to the left of the crochet hook. Yarn over so that the working yarn comes behind the hook and then over it, to the left of the slip knot. Bring the working yarn underneath your hook. In crochet, you'll run into lots of "yarn overs. These loops are called chains.

How to Crochet a Yo-yo Afghan : Crochet Tips & Techniques

You've just crocheted your first chain! That's all there is to it. Keep repeating steps 1 and 2: Yarn over, then bring the yarn through the loop that is on the hook. Each yarn over creates one chain, so if the instructions say "chain 20" then you will repeat these steps 20 times. You can also see each loop as you work so if need be you can count them again.

But it can get cumbersome the longer the chain, so counting as you go is a good habit to get into.

Learn to Do Yo-Yo Crochet ~ Hat Afghan & More Projects crochet pattern book NEW

Many crochet stitches begin the same way as the single crochet. Once you learn this stitch, you'll have the foundation to pick up the other ones. The first row of stitches is worked into the foundation chain you just made. Each chain looks a little bit like a V , with the mouth of the V open toward the right. Insert your hook into the second V. Insert your hook from front to back through the V. Pull the working yarn through the V: Move your crochet hook to the right, bringing the working yarn all the way through the chain where you inserted the hook.

When you finish, there will be two loops on your crochet hook. Pull the working yarn through both of the loops on the hook. You have completed your first single crochet stitch! Now that you've learned to do one row of single crochet stitches, you can create as many rows of the stitch as your project calls for.

There's just one more thing to learn for crocheting additional rows — the turning chain.

In crochet, you always work right to left. To make another row, you need to turn your work so you can continue to crochet right to left. That's where a turning chain comes in. It gives your row a little height so when you start working your stitches, they can stand tall.

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  • Crochet YoYo Puff Free Pattern and Video Tutorial!
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Turning chains sometimes replace your first stitch, and are sometimes worked in addition to your first stitch — your pattern will let you know what to do. In this demo, we'll show you what to do when the turning chain is taking the place of the first stitch. Now that you've made the first stitch, it's time to figure out where you're placing your second.

Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet
Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet
Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet
Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet
Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet
Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet
Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet
Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet Learn to Yo-Yo Crochet

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