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The pursuit of proton decay

The gluon can thus interact with itself as well as with quarks. From the s onwards, a series of experiments probed increasingly deeply into the proton. The aim was to test the predictions of QCD as much as to investigate the structure of the proton, the goal being not just to list the constituents of the proton, but also to understand the forces between them. However, as shown in measurements of the spin taken by quarks in deep-inelastic-scattering experiments in which both the lepton beam and the proton target are polarised, this is not the case. Physicists had to develop cleverer experiments, for example looking at semi-inclusive measurements of fast pions and kaons in the final state, and using polarised proton—proton scattering, to determine where the missing spin comes from.

Nevertheless, it seems unlikely that all of the missing spin is in gluons, and the puzzle is not yet solved.

The answer may lie in the orbital angular momentum of both the quarks and the gluons, but it is difficult to measure this directly. Orbital angular momentum is certainly connected to the transverse structure of the proton. Multi-dimensional measurements of transverse momentum distributions and generalised parton distributions can give access to orbital angular momentum. Such measurements are underway at Jefferson Laboratory, and are also a core part of the future Electron-Ion Collider programme.

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As with all quantum phenomena, what is in a proton depends on how you look at it. A more energetic probe has a smaller wavelength and therefore can reveal smaller structures, but it also injects energy into the system, and this allows the creation of new particles. The question then is whether we regard these particles as having been inside the proton in the first place.

At higher scales quarks radiate gluons that then split into quark—antiquark pairs, which again radiate gluons: and the gluons themselves can also radiate gluons. The valence quarks thus lose momentum, distributing it between the sea quarks and gluons — increasingly many, with smaller and smaller amounts of momentum. The deep-inelastic-scattering data from muon, neutrino and electron collisions established that QCD was the correct theory of the strong interaction.

Experiments found that the structure functions which describe the scattering cross sections are not completely independent of scale, but depend on it logarithmically — in exactly the way that QCD predicts. Once QCD had emerged as the definitive theory, the focus turned to measuring the momentum distributions of the partons, dubbed parton distribution functions PDFs, figure 2.

Several groups work on these determinations using both deep-inelastic-scattering data and related scattering processes, and presently there is agreement between theory and experiment within a few percent across a very wide range of x and Q 2 values. However, this is not quite good enough. After all, when we are colliding protons it is actually the partons inside the proton that are having hard collisions and the rates of these collisions can only be predicted if we know the PDFs in the proton very accurately.

The dominant uncertainty on the direct production of particles predicted by physics beyond the Standard Model now comes from the limited precision of the PDFs of high-x gluons. The pursuit of proton decay. When Rutherford discovered the proton in , the only other basic constituent of matter that was known of was the electron. There was no way that the proton could decay without violating charge conservation. Ten years later, Hermann Weyl went further, proposing the first version of what would become a law for baryon conservation.

As Maurice Goldhaber famously pointed out, were the proton lifetime to be less than 10 16 years we should feel it in our bones, because our bodies would be lethally radioactive.

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In he improved on this estimate. One of these was that baryon conservation is only approximate and could have been violated during the expansion phase of the early universe. This all changed around , when proposals for grand unified theories GUTs came along. GUTs not only unified the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces, but also closely linked quarks and leptons, allowing for non-conservation of baryon number.

This provided the justification for dedicated proton-decay experiments. By seven such experiments installed deep underground were using either totally active water Cherenkov detectors or sampling calorimeters to monitor large numbers of protons.

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Kamiokande II was already studying solar and atmospheric neutrinos, but it was its successor, Super-Kamiokande, that went on to make pioneering observations of atmospheric and solar neutrino oscillations. And it is Super-Kamiokande that currently has the highest lower-limit for proton decay: 1. Today, the theoretical development of GUTs continues, with predictions in some models of proton lifetimes up to around 10 36 years.

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Flavor Physics For The Millennium 2001

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Flavor Physics for the Millennium Flavor Physics for the Millennium
Flavor Physics for the Millennium Flavor Physics for the Millennium
Flavor Physics for the Millennium Flavor Physics for the Millennium
Flavor Physics for the Millennium Flavor Physics for the Millennium
Flavor Physics for the Millennium Flavor Physics for the Millennium
Flavor Physics for the Millennium Flavor Physics for the Millennium
Flavor Physics for the Millennium Flavor Physics for the Millennium

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