Building the Tesla Turbine

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It could also be run in either direction, pretty cool.

So, what happened? Why are all the engineers here at Concepts NREC designing pumps and turbines for our customers with blades? Despite over years of trying, there are relatively few applications for this type of design. Part of the problem is a lack of real data. This makes trying to determine exactly what the efficiency is for a Tesla turbine a bit of a moving target. His paper explores the research and successful commercial applications of the Tesla Turbine up to that point.

Apparently, despite its relative simplicity, there are some significant engineering issues with the Tesla turbine design. While it works, the efficiencies are not better, and in some cases, significantly worse than bladed designs. To see it in action, check out this YouTube video.

The best applications seem to be with highly viscous or abrasive working fluids. Tesla himself envisioned them being used in capturing geothermal energy. That made me think of a submarine or aerospace applications, but I could find no references for this type of turbine being used for that.

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Rice also points out that newer materials, such as ceramics, might make the design more viable in the future. Well, since I am in the future now, relative to the paper, I went looking to see if advances in material science, or possibly CFD simulation, has made the design more popular.

Home made Tesla turbine [1/3]

After some digging, here are the most recent applications that I could find:. Still, that's not a lot of applications. Tesla is quoted as saying that his favorite invention was the Tesla Turbine. So, I throw it out there to all of you engineers — if one of the greatest engineers of all time thought this design was the best thing he ever made, why are there not a lot more applications? The collars are made from more aluminum stock are wider versions of the platter spacers.

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The inside diameter is also. Center the platters, spacers, and collars on the shaft and tighten the set screws to hold everything together.

I used 11 platters, and 10 spacers. Try to line up all of the ventilation ports. If there isn't enough tension between the two collars, the platters can rotate around the shaft instead of with it. This is a 4.

How to make a Tesla turbine for school projects, diy

I used acrylic because it's what I had around and because it's going to be used for lecture demonstrations. You can use metal or even wood. However, if you plan to use steam instead of compressed air, wood might expand too much. The side panels are 4. The center hole is 0.

The two 0. The air spirals inwards across the face of the platters, through the ventilation ports, around the air spaces in the bearings 2nd picture , and finally out through these two holes. However, more exhaust holes in the side panels might improve efficiency.

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Question 1 year ago. Where did u get the acrylic sqaure from? They seem a little hard to find on with estimated deminsions that are not over 6" in any three angles. Reply 1 year ago. It potentially could.

Building the Tesla Turbine by Vince Gingery (OOP)

It may not be very effecint though. U may need "fins" like that of a compressor wheel in a turbocharger. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. This design uses collars that utilize screws to hold the disk together with friction. Tesla's design uses a keyed shaft. Another method is to use something like a dove tail and collars. This method is very simple and cheap.

If u use a tap and dy set then just thread the shaft and use very small, light ,thin nuts like wat is used with potentiometer on soundboards. Is it possible to add more torque by attaching a gear system, or by adding "fins" to the disks. I realize that it will lose a lot of speed, but will it gain torque? U need more surface area while the disks are smooth. So a few more this disks could help. This is a tesla turbine. If u add fins it would be called "tesla's fan pump" whcih ,1, isnt right, 2nd, it doesnt work the same way, 3rd -its a whole lot louder then the actually turbine speed.

The fins can also cause a very large resistance. It will spin slower thin it is capable. This can also lead to lots of rattling if the fan is unbalanced. Also the fan may act as a compressor wheel like one in a turbocharger. This will create more resistance to work against. How ever if u ruffed up the disks with sandpaper, it will have more torque, but again, it will mess with the air flow a little bit.

So u may need to do some slightly bigger exhaust ports for better flow. As asked, a gear box or gear ratio added to it can greatly increase. For more torque, the ratio of the turbine shaft to the slave shaft will need to be greater thin So if the drive shaft turbine is connected to a pulley or gear that is 1.

In this example of I would do a ratio greater then This can drematicly increase the torque. It will be a very slow speed but it will be strong with turbine at high speed. That number can increase if there are more gears. Like gear to a another and so on At least till the final slave pulley brakes because of the torque load lol. If u do the gears the other way then the speed increases while torque decreases. The "fin" one just wouldnt be a tesla turbine. Remeber sand paper sorry if the explenation is sooooo long, so ill just make it loooooooonger lol. Adding fins changes the flow and reynolds number.

You want more torque increase disk number and diameter, given that all other factors are perfect. Is it possible that instead of using acrylic plastic entirely, that I could use the right sized clear PVC pipe to enclose the discs? Please do not respond to my email, is expired and cannot get on.

Please respond by comment. U just need a good round housing.

He used clear acrylic to see through which is kind of cool.

Building the Tesla Turbine Building the Tesla Turbine
Building the Tesla Turbine Building the Tesla Turbine
Building the Tesla Turbine Building the Tesla Turbine
Building the Tesla Turbine Building the Tesla Turbine
Building the Tesla Turbine Building the Tesla Turbine

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