25 Tips for Productivity

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Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time

Then take that shell, make a few new posts, and save them as drafts. Kinda like picking a scab, but not as gross or unsanitary. Hee hee. I know I have some posts in my draft folder that are a little more complex than my average post, so I pick at them little by little. In my bookmark bar, I have login pages for work apps, a Facebook group I visit often, a direct link to my Google Analytics, and more.

When I was revamping my online courses, I had a direct link to the backend of WordPress where I edit courses too.

The Ultimate Guide To Gmail Productivity: 25 Must-Have Tips, Tricks, A

You get the gist. Yes, yes, I do teach an entire course on this. But what a kick booty feeling it is to sit down, look at your editorial calendar, and know what to post to Instagram, tweet, or write for your next blog post. Out of everything on this list, keyboard shortcuts just might be the one that saves me the most time. Speaking of shortcuts, spend five minutes making some on your phone.

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  3. Productivity Basics.
  4. 25 Productivity Hacks - Homepreneur | productivity tips to save time.

Easy peasy. Rumor has it RSS is dead. While that may mostly be true, I do still use Feedly so I can read lots of blogs without having to visit each site. For help on this see Instead of doing the same task two or more times a day, do it once but for a longer period of time. Instead of six times a day, try two. You get the idea. One thing I like to do is re-size photos in batches. Have responses to your most common emails. If you get the same questions over and over, why not create a page of them? Someone just might stumble across that page and save themselves the trouble of reaching out.

Productivity Tips for Work

Name your files well and get a system that works. I use folders for purchased photos, post graphics, main blog design graphics, etc. The more you have your blog ideas scattered all over the place, the more digging you have to do to find the ideas when you need them. I have a Moleskin notebook I keep in my purse for those hand-written notes, and then I use Trello for the digital ones.

I used to have more, but decided to consolidate after spending an ungodly amount of time trying to find my brainstorming notes for Media Kit Smash. Sometimes you just have to jump in… or at least wade in. But you have to get in! Not all automation is evil. Seriously, you KNOW this but are you doing it? Facebook is the most unproductive time suck of all time. Do you really need to watch that video with the cute kitten on a unicycle? Am I right? Take lots of pictures for your blog? Write down your settings for those frequently-taken shots. You can even write down the time of day that works best and which rooms in your house has the best light.

Save those canned responses from 12 for the emails that matter.

Sometimes you have to race against the clock to push yourself into action. My favorite is the Pomodoro technique. It can be either typed up or just notes scribbled in a pad. Take five minutes and brain dump, then let that help structure your post. Pick three and work them into your blogging habits. Once those become second nature, pick three more. Jump start your biz productivity with my free worksheet!

Also, when I was working on Content Brew revisions for example, I had a link directly to the course page so I could get straight to work. Time saver! I use bookmarks, have a somewhat organized file system on my computer though I have found myself having to search through the desktop a little too often, so I need to tweak it , and I have done something similar to the Pomodoro technique. That last one works for little kids too. I need to work on outlining posts. I think that would help me write more. There is so much information out there.

We do timers with our kids too! We make it a race to see how much we can pick up in x minutes!

2. Stay Hydrated

Great idea about the bullet journal as you go through email! I also have shortcuts for my blog URL and things like that! Instead, set yourself a goal to work for a designated period then take a short break to do something relaxing or fun. The Pomodoro Technique is a method whereby you work on a task for a set time — usually 25 minutes — and then take a short break. The idea is to work constantly during the 25 minutes and not allow any distractions to interrupt your flow.

If you work in an office, you most likely sit for hours at a time. Before you start your working week, create a list of all the projects and related tasks you have to complete.

How We Choose the Best Productivity Apps for iPhone

This will make it easier to prioritize tasks and set realistic goals. You get sick. The car breaks down. You get the idea. Answer all your emails, make any necessary phone calls. As well as completing similar tasks together, doing these tasks at the same time each day will help you get into a productive mindset.

I know I like the familiarity of a routine that has been proven to work day in, day out. Contrary to what you may think, multitasking is not necessarily useful when tackling a mountain of work. In fact, splitting your focus between conflicting tasks can be counterproductive, and can cause unwanted stress and anxiety.

1. Clean Up The Clutter

A helpful trick is to ask yourself whether you can reasonably expect to complete the task in a specified amount of time instead of allocating time to a task. If a task falls into both categories, promote it to the top of your list. If a task is neither important nor urgent, leave it for later. Procrastination is a productivity killer. A good way to break through the barrier is to stop dragging your feet and get started.

Tackle your least favorite task early on in the day, getting a much-needed motivation boost to complete the remaining tasks. Often, traditional ways are best, and this is certainly the case when it comes to writing.

Ditch the laptop and pick up a pen and piece of paper instead. A study has shown that using a pen to write boosts memory and the ability to retain information. Just as with social media, the abundance of information available on the Web fuels procrastination and can be disastrous for productivity. Have clear limitations on what research you need for any task and avoid trawling through the bottomless pit that is Wikipedia.

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  • Keyboard shortcuts and combinations are handy when wanting to speed up computer-related tasks. Each time-saving maneuver may seem minor, but it all adds up, potentially saving you several hours over the working week. It allows you to monitor your accounts from a single dashboard, saving time and simplifying social activity. That concludes my top tips for increasing your productivity. Reduce time on social media Social media is like a big black hole.

    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity
    25 Tips for Productivity 25 Tips for Productivity

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